Jul. 29th, 2011 06:58 pm
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Photos of my room since I managed to actually clean it nicely for the first time in a while.

photos under cut )

As of recent, I've been getting really into jazz. I still listen to a lot of DECO*27 and m-flo, but this Ghibli jazz remix album has seriously gotten me really interested.

I really want to buy the physical album, but it's like 30 bucks at cdjapan and everywhere else;; Another thing to add to things I want to buy ahaha;; ;_;

speaking of which, I really really want a pair of Dr. Martens. Life time warranty + lookin good = !!!
and a nice pair of jeans from American Eagle... I have a LOT of jeans already, but the problem is that my weight fluctuates a lot, so a lot of my old jeans don't fit. I'm currently losing quite a bit of weight since it's summer = time to make healthy food, hang out with people/walk around a lot, and hopefully I'll develop that habit so I can remain not obese during the school year as well ahaha;;

I've also been playing tennis with my bro! Technically we're playing racquet ball (hitting the ball on the wall, and the other person has to hit it back before it bounces twice) but with tennis equipment. I was so sore the first time I couldn't even get up the stairs properly ahasldfj
tho now I kind of want to take up the tennis team, but I still kind of want to do cross country again... HMMM;;

also I have been on a huge No.6 high. Expect fanarts. Lots of em. hnnghh the homo


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